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Sometimes, You Just Make A Mistake

In one of my many altruistic endeavors, I run several Internet related services for an organization including Web sites, DNS and Mailing Lists. For the most part, things go well, and as a member of the organization, I feel I'm contributing.

But every so often, something goes awry, and not only do I give up hours of my time, but get unbelievable aggravation from people.

I keep asking myself, "Why do I do it?"

Alas, here is what happened. One of the mailing lists (which have over 21,000 people on it) is a moderated list. There are only three addresses that are able to immediately send posts to the list, and these posts are then distributed. Any other e-mail sent to the list, is immediately trashed.

It worked like a charm for about 18 months, until some spammer/spoofer hit it lucky. They sent the right spoofed "From" address to the right auto-responder, which bounced off another auto-responder and then hit the mailing list. Normally when this happens, the third leg of the bounce gets trashed, no loop, no foul.

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