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SNW: Vendors Fire Up FCOE Efforts

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Cisco, Intel, Emulex, and QLogic made a host of announcements around Fibre Channel Over Ethernet (FCOE) here today, encompassing acquisitions, product launches, and storage partnerships.

Cisco was one of the first vendors up, finally grabbing the remaining 20 percent of its FCOE subsidiary Nuova Systems, and unveiling its Nexus 5000 FCOE unified fabric switch.

For the customers, FCOE is ready and real," said Jackie Ross, Nuova’s vice president of partner ecosystems, explaining that Cisco’s acquisition is expected to close sometime in the next quarter.

Cisco had already owned some 80 percent of Nuova, and the exec explained that the acquisition is a “success-based” deal, with the ultimate purchase price based on sales of the vendor’s FCOE products.

Cisco first’s FCOE offering is the Nexus 5020, a two rack-unit high, 40-port fabric switch, which offers both 10 Gbit/s Ethernet and FCOE.

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