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SGI Launches SGI Virtu

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- SGI (NASDAQ:SGIC) today launched the first entry in the Virtu solutions family, a new generation of SGI(R) visualization systems. The SGI(R) Virtu VN200 is designed to power the performance visualization needs of today's HPC and commercial business users.

The Virtu VN200 solution brings a new level of productivity, flexibility, power and accuracy to engineers, scientists and creative professionals. It accelerates the adoption of visualization within environments that must process today's large data sets. The Virtu VN200 solution, combined with patented SGI intellectual property, empowers users to analyze visual models in a centralized environment and then view their simulations anywhere.

Results can be viewed locally, or delivered seamlessly to any geographic location and virtually any device. Individual users have access to compute power that can process large data sets with increased accuracy, while teams can view and manipulate models in real-time -- powering true, real-time collaboration.

"For 25 years SGI has been a leader in performance visualization," said SGI CEO Robert "Bo" Ewald. "The Virtu VN200 is the first in a series of new solutions that reaffirm our leadership in this market. Visualization does more than help our customers solve their toughest problems -- it opens their eyes to what's possible. As the world embraces 3D visualization and even more powerful virtual reality environments, expect to see SGI lead in turning the virtual world into reality."