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ServerPronto Adds Options

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- ServerPronto is offering new options, new pricing, new services, and new technologies, a demonstration of its ongoing commitment to maintain its leading position in the affordable dedicated servers market.

With several key additions to its customizable options line-up and price reductions on popular features, ServerPronto is proving that customers still can't build a more affordable, more need-specific server with any other vendor. What's more, with its constant innovation to deliver the best value in the dedicated server market, the company is demonstrating once again why thousands of customers around the world continue to choose ServerPronto for their dedicated server needs.

First up is a new option to add 1,000GB of bandwidth for only $8.99 a month. Many dedicated server hosts attempt to woo customers with bulked up bandwidth that far exceed customer needs and add unnecessary costs. ServerPronto stands out from the pack with its practical approach to bandwidth allotment - one that guarantees price value because customers only pay for what they actually need. This new option cements ServerPronto's position as the market's most affordable dedicated server - even for growing sites with increasing traffic.

Next, ServerPronto is having a "fire sale" on its Managed Firewall service, slashing the fees from $100 set up and $50 a month to a low $30 set up and $15.95 a month. This offering still provides the safety and security ServerPronto customers have long relied on to protect their Web-based assets, but at a 75 percent cost savings. ServerPronto's Managed Firewall service put servers behind a redundant fault tolerant Cisco PIX firewall utilizing the unparalleled Cisco Secure Software system.

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