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SecureLogix Encore

ETM sites can be complemented with circuit-switched VPN via an add-in PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC). Any "digital" call (voice, STU, fax or data) between ETM locations carried over an ISDN PRI, T1 or E1 trunk can be 168-bit 3DES-encrypted, thanks to a DSP coprocessor on the PMC and some well-thought-out coding.

Call Setup

Enterprise Telephony Management 4.1

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We installed an ETM system between a single voice PRI (24 channels) and the production PBX in our labs at a private boarding school in New England. Installation is not for the faint of heart--we were happy to have one of SecureLogix's engineers on-site to help us integrate and configure the system.

Each PMC board can encrypt four spans, or up to 96 channels per PMC simultaneously encrypted using ISDN PRIs. And though the full ETM system should be installed by a SecureLogix engineer, the PMC is designed to be installed by site administrators. After the initial setup of the ETM system, you must power down to install the new PMC board, then reboot and reconfigure the system to enable TeleVPN.

For our tests, we used an ETM Model 3200 Communication Appliance to support our ISDN-PRI span. The 3200 used three 1-GHz Dell Windows 2000 servers running the ETM client and management packages and Oracle 9i database.

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