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Seanodes, Mandriva Team Up

PARIS -- Seanodes today announced a strategic relationship with Mandriva, a major player in the Linux world. The companies will cooperate on two levels :

- On a commercial level, Mandriva will distribute, deploy and ensure support of Exanodes, Seanodes Shared Internal Storage (SIS) solution worldwide

- On a technical level, the two companies will collaborate on the integration of server virtualisation technologies.

“It was only natural that the two companies should work together” explained Frank Gana, Marketing Director of Seanodes. “Exanodes and the Shared Internal Storage concept suits the High Performance Computing world perfectly. This is a sector in which Mandriva has experienced success in both France and elsewhere in Europe”. Customers will be able to maximize the benefits of Seanodes’ solutions which offer a simple, reliable, effective utilisation of servers’ internal disks, thus reducing external storage solution investments like NAS or SAN.

In the server virtualisation sector, Mandriva has already demonstrated their commitment to succeed by integrating the major virtualisation tools on the market ( Xen, Swsoft and VMWare) into Mandriva Corporate Server 4. The Seanodes partnership both confirms and strengthens this commitment. Anne Nicolas, Server Product Manager at Mandriva, comments “The Seanodes approach is very pertinent as it allows for a total virtualisation of the servers’ physical resources. This is extremely complimentary to traditional server virtualisation tools which only partially cover the users’ storage needs”.

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