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SAN & Server Data Destroyed

JOENSUU, Finland -- Blancco's latest client software will ease the process of data erasure in
the complex and technically challenging enterprise server and storage environments with its latest out-of-the-box solution.

The latest Blancco erasure client marks a significant upgrade with an extended range of hardware supported. The new features offer wider hardware support for Serial ATA, SAS, SCSI and Fibre Channel disks and remapped sectors. Furthermore it operates well with abnormal sector sizes such as 520,
524 and 528 allowing erasure of hundreds of hard drives simultaneously. For example, ten Terabytes in under one hour. These features will especially benefit larger organisations working within high-end server and SAN environments such as in a Data Centre.

"Four out of the six worldwide major storage vendors are building their data destruction services and products based on Blancco's technology. Details of these significant cooperation deals will be announced during 2008. This is a clear sign of Blancco's position as market leader". Says Mikko Koponen, Product Director, Blancco Oy Ltd.

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