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Rollout: RIM BlackBerry 8800

The Upshot

The BlackBerry 8800 combines form with function as it aims to be an all-in-one communication device for road warriors and corporate officers. Executives will appreciate its sleek lines, while its improved features should help them work--and play--harder.
In the competitive smartphone market, BlackBerry has always led the pack as a reliable mobile e-mail platform. On the voice side, it's just now catching up to Windows Mobile and Palm Treo phones with voice and multimedia enhancements, but catch up it has. These enhancements may be enough to encourage mobile users to leave their cell phones behind--or prevent them from defecting to other platforms..
PThe BlackBerry 8800 proves RIM isn't a one-trick pony. Voice-activated dialing and push-to-talk features will please those who call as much as they e-mail. Expandable memory will let media junkies indulge, and a GPS sensor means no more missed freeway exits on sales trips.

BlackBerry 8800

The Blackberry is the de facto e-mail device for nomadic employees. Now Research In Motion is upping the ante with the BlackBerry 8800, which aims to prove that RIM can do voice well enough to serve as an all-in-one mobile platform.

Voice-activated dialing, enhanced multimedia capabilities, a GPS sensor and other advanced features put this BlackBerry on par with Windows Mobile phones and the Palm Treo. Even better, these add-ons don't come at the expense of its messaging capabilities: It still boasts a full QWERTY keyboard and improves Web browsing with a new trackball.

But this pretty little number still has its flaws, including a limited battery life and disappointing data throughput.

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