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Rollout: Altiris' ESS

The Upshot

Altiris ESS protects systems and data from malware and hackers. ESS's unique location-awareness function automatically relaxes or tightens security policies as a laptop moves from corporate to public wireless networks.

Data loss through missing or compromised laptops and malicious insiders are driving companies toward strong prevention and protection measures. User names and passwords aren't enough, and encryption can be difficult to centrally manage.

ESS's location awareness works well at implementing protections based on predefined environments. Removable storage is monitored for reads/writes, and helps identify intentional data disclosure by employees. There are no features that identify malware, hackers or the data they may be after, but ESS is a great addition for Altiris users.

Altiris Endpoint Security Solution

With endpoint security solution, ALtiris has beefed up its management framework and provided protection for computers that access insecure wireless networks and removable storage devices. Its features protect mobile computers against network attacks and data loss.

ESS can lock down CD, DVD and removable storage devices. It also lets you define approved and prohibited wireless access points and change security policies, firewall configuration and endpoint integrity. ESS does an adequate job keeping up with competitors, including those from ISS and Symantec, thanks to its location-awareness, removable storage monitoring and wireless-configuration features.

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