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RocketStream Boosts Speeds

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. -- RocketStream,
Inc., a subsidiary of Voyant International Corporation (OTCBB: VOYT)
and a leading provider of digital content delivery acceleration over
high-bandwidth IP networks, announced today that the company has
begun partnering with hosted storage and backup service providers to
dramatically increase the accessibility to these services by end

RocketStream's data transfer acceleration solutions can move files
over IP networks at speeds up to 200 times faster than traditional
file transfer protocol (FTP). Until now, most users were businesses
that owned the computers at both ends of the transfers. Now, however,
hosting companies have begun deploying RocketStream Servers at their
storage locations and providing RocketStream's client software to
their customers. By integrating RocketStream into their service
offerings, these companies are providing better service to their
customers by providing not only storage and backup itself, but also
the means to access that storage more quickly, securely, reliably and

Portal Systems, a managed data center service provider in the
Washington, D.C., area, rolled out a new RocketStream-enabled service
to customers last week. Portal Systems is using RocketStream to
provide its clients with managed, accelerated services for offsite
backups, file storage and data synchronization using data centers
located in Ashburn, Va., and Portland, Maine. "After evaluating many
products on the market, the things that most impressed us about
RocketStream were its speed and its versatility. Being able to use
RocketStream for multiple client services is a win for us and a win
for our customers," said David Korte, managing partner of Portal

Leesburg, Fla.-based Hasbrooke Internet Services is integrating
RocketStream into its automated backup services for the small- and
medium-sized business (SMB) market, with launch expected in early
March. "RocketStream's combination of UDP and PDP protocols is unique
and lets us maximize the connectivity of our customers to our data
center regardless of the size of those customers," said John
Ohlwiler, vice president and director of sales and marketing at
Hasbrooke. "Our customers with smaller pipes or firewall-challenged
environments can use PDP without performing any complex firewall
changes, while our tech-savvy customers with high-data-rate
connections can switch to the reliable UDP setting to move their data
at the highest speeds. Either way, we can provide our customers
service that makes them feel as if they were right next door to us."

RocketStream Inc.