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Riverbed Accelerates Workforce

Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: RVBD), the technology and market leader in
wide-area data services (WDS), today announced that Nelson/Nygaard
Consulting Associates, a nationally recognized transportation and
transit system design and development firm, successfully deployed
Riverbed Steelhead(R) appliances at its five offices nationwide and
Steelhead Mobile to half of its employees. With minimal operational
investment from its IT staff, Nelson/Nygaard increased productivity
by delivering LAN-like speed to distributed employees, including
those in branch offices and on the road. Nelson/Nygaard chose
Riverbed(R) over Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) and
others because of its market-leading acceleration capabilities for
both remote offices and mobile workers, and its ease of installation
and management.

Nelson/Nygaard serves clients across the globe, and provides
transportation specialists with expertise in transit service,
accessible and specialized transportation, multi-modal
transportation, smart growth projects and transit-oriented
development, program management, financial planning, and public
participation and information. To ensure that professional expertise
can be applied regardless of an employee's location, teams are built
across regions. As projects are designed and implemented, employees
from different offices collaborate on large 30-50 megabyte documents
such as AutoCAD, ESRI and Adobe files. At any given time the company
can expect at least half of its employees to be traveling -- to a job
site, at a client location, or anywhere in between -- requiring fast
access to very large files. For mobile workers, files would often
take longer than five minutes each to download, hindering
productivity and resulting in the frustration of many mobile users
who would frequently complain to IT.

"With so many users working from branch offices and a myriad of
remote locations, IT was constantly receiving complaints about wide
area network (WAN) performance and its ability to handle the large
files we work with," said Raj Singh, chief information officer and
partner at Nelson/Nygaard. "Employees were getting so frustrated that
they were taking matters into their own hands and buying hard drives
for branch offices -- creating insecure copies of data. Given that
we're an IT team of three, that just wasn't a situation we could live
with long-term. We needed a solution that we could get up and running
easily, and manage without too much effort."

Riverbed Technology Inc.