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Rittal Joins the Green Grid

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio -- Rittal Corporation announces its membership in The Green Grid, a consortium of information technology companies and professionals seeking to lower the overall consumption of power in data centers around the globe. The Green Grid is an organization that is dedicated to the development of significant platform-neutral standards, measurement methods, processes and new technologies that will be used to improve energy-efficient performance of data centers across the globe.

Membership in The Green Grid is open to those companies and information technology professionals interested in supporting the movement to improve data center power consumption and improve overall efficiency. Members collectively believe that energy efficiency in data centers is the most significant issue facing technology providers and their customers today. They attribute this to exponential increases in power and cooling costs over the past few years, as well as customer demands for concentrated computing outpacing the availability of clean reliable power in many areas around the world.

Research and product development initiatives that help data centers continue to improve power distribution and power consumption continue to be strategically important to Rittal,” said Michael McGuinness, Director of Business Development for IT at Rittal. “We are very excited that the goals of The Green Grid significantly align with Rittal’s commitment to consistently provide the best data center technology solutions.”

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