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ReplicateTech Upgrades Analyzer

MENLO PARK, Calif. -- Replicate Technologies, the leader in predictive fault management for the unified data center, today announced a new software update for its flagship product, Replicate Datacenter Analyzer™. The new release, Replicate Datacenter Analyzer (RDA) 1.2, expands its best practices library to add IP Knowledge Modules that increase the innovative product’s ability to detect and resolve configuration issues across a broader range of network issues, provides enhanced notification capabilities and drill down diagnostics, offers an easy-to-use user interface with advanced navigation and an updated dashboard, and supports VMware ESX 3i.

“RDA is the first solution to discover, model, diagnose and provide remedial guidance in a virtualized data center infrastructure. With its new capabilities, RDA has become even better at detecting and preventing faults before they can cause downtime,” said Oren Teich, vice president of product management at Replicate Technologies. “As virtualization becomes more broadly deployed and data centers increase their mix of physical and virtual infrastructure, Replicate will continue to integrate new features into its predictive fault management model to address complex environments and provide IT with a solution to help address management concerns.”

RDA provides a breakthrough approach to fault management by leveraging server virtualization, ending the conventional break-fix cycle by using both preventive and remediation analysis to avoid and solve configuration errors in virtualized datacenters. RDA builds up a comprehensive model of a virtualized datacenter through a unique combination of discovery mechanisms. Combining empirical data from Replicate probes with configuration information derived from existing system management tools, RDA constructs a unified view of the datacenter across all administrative domains. RDA then analyzes the integrity of the datacenter using industry best practice and technology dependencies supplied by Replicate in the form of knowledge modules.

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