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Reconnex Adds Endpoint Agent

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- Reconnex, the leader in data leak prevention appliances, today announced Reconnex 6.0 Endpoint Agent, which extends full discovery, monitoring, capture, and prevention capabilities to all enterprise endpoints, including mobile devices and removable media. The Reconnex 6.0 Endpoint Agent is the first "data-in-use" solution to deliver comprehensive endpoint Intellectual Property (IP) protection at every possible "back door" to the network.

The Reconnex 6.0 Endpoint Agent performs the following functions:

  • Discovers, records, and prevents any unauthorized I/O
    activity -- including transfers to external devices and file mailing -- based on centrally defined policy
  • Works with any removable media, including USB drives, CDRW, IEEE 1394, SCSI, ATA, PCMCIA, COM, and more
  • Secures all types of networks, including wired corporate LANs, WiFi or BlueTooth hotspots, and infrared ports and networks
  • Inspects every port and channel, including Email (Outlook, Lotus), Webmail, HTTP, Chat, FTP, SMTP, and more
  • Prevents unauthorized file encryption, including encryption with HTTPS and PGP
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