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Prism Suite Updated

MINNEAPOLIS -- New Boundary Technologies, the IT automation innovator, today announced the release of Prism Suite® 9. Powered by the company’s automated configuration management innovations like Smart Update™ and Configuration Groups, Prism Suite 9 extends Windows configuration management to now include secure, Internet-based administration of the mobile workforce and widely distributed remote locations. With an open client/server architecture and modular design, Prism Suite 9 is engineered to automate and streamline processes within corporate IT departments and for delivery via managed service provider (MSP) and software as a service (SaaS) models.

Prism Suite 9 delivers robust, safe, and seamless Windows system management for any location, from any location. Engineered for the needs of IT departments that manage widely dispersed office locations and mobile Windows systems, Prism Suite 9 is also ideally positioned to provide managed service providers with an automated Windows configuration and compliance offering that can be delivered as an online service.

“Prism Suite 9 automates the Windows configuration management processes that are essential to supporting a wide variety of compliance initiatives,” said Michael Osterman, president of Osterman Research. “The Internet-based administration feature allows Prism Suite to drive new efficiencies that allow IT departments to extend their staffing and budget resources. By combining a high level of automation and ease of use with Internet-based administration, Prism Suite also offers managed service providers a powerful Windows configuration management solution they can offer as a service that delivers the same level of configuration compliance that corporate IT departments can achieve.”

New Boundary Technologies