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Practical Jokes?

So I'm in the lab trying to get NWC Inc. ready for our upcoming ESB product review. I'm installing OpenJMS and setting up messages queues and reinstalling servers in preparation for product testing.
I flip the KVM to TEST8, put the CD in the drive and restart the machine. Or at least I thought I put the CD in the right machine. The machine boots up as if the CD doesn't exist.

That's odd, so I start looking at the machines in the rack. Nope, not that one. Nope, not that one. Hmmm..try again. Same behavior.

Turns out that someone put the bevel - where the machines are labeled by name and IP - for the mail server on TEST8 and left TEST8 without any identifying marks. I didn't pull the bevel off the mail server when I ejected the CD to try to identify the machine, because it's the mail server, right? It couldn't possibly be the right one.

I'm guessing someone either didn't know any better, or thought it'd be a good joke to make me spend half an hour figuring out what server I was trying to access.

Fess up, boys. Which one of ya did it?

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