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The Point-to-Point of Wireless Bridging: Page 7 of 19

Campus BridgeLink-II-P25, $4,798. RadioLAN, (866) 272-3465, (408) 365-6200.

BitRage CR45-A-53 DS3 Radio and IU45-E AC with Ethernet Bridge

The BitRage CR45-A is a real screamer when it comes to performance, but you do give up a little in terms of features and elegant design. In essence, the product is designed as a DS-3 radio, but a companion box provides protocol translation between DS-3 and Ethernet. Its full-duplex orientation was obvious when we looked at the two ports on the radio, labeled "data in" and "data out."

BitRage offered the most convenient antenna-alignment tool in the form of LEDs on the modem that clearly display the receive-signal strength. One unit transmits at 5.3 GHz and the other at 5.7 GHz. There are no channels to configure, encryption keys to enter or IDs to input. Once you figure out how to plug it in and align the antennas, you are ready to start bridging traffic.