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The Point-to-Point of Wireless Bridging: Page 5 of 19

Wi-LAN's product provides strong security capabilities, including proprietary modulation, data scrambling and data-formatting algorithms. An optional 20-byte hard-coded password/shared-key can be configured to encode and decode data streams. System status for both the local and remote systems can be viewed via the console or Web interfaces, and SNMP support is included.

The AWE 120-58's performance was in the bottom half of the pack, with peak unidirectional throughput of 8.4 Mbps and average bidirectional throughput of 9.6 Mbps. Its range was the highest of any product tested.

AWE 120-58 Ultima3 RD, $3,297. Wi-LAN, (800) 258 6876, (403) 273-9133.

RadioLAN Campus BridgeLink-II-P25