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Pivot3 Adds Data Recovery

LAS VEGAS -- Pivot3, Inc, the market leader in High-Definition Storage™, today announced a new data recovery feature that protects surveillance applications against server hardware failures. The NVR Recovery™ for the Pivot3 Serverless Computing™ product line automatically restarts applications such as video management systems, access control, and video analytics in the case of a server failure. Unlike today’s failover techniques, which require separate physical server and storage units, NVR Recovery restarts a failed application on a virtual machine and provides access to previously recorded video. The NVR Recovery feature will be included at no extra charge with Pivot3 Serverless Computing arrays. Visit Pivot3 at ISC West, booth 5034, to see demonstrations of the Serverless Computing solution.

“I see NVR Recovery as a must-have feature for our customers,” said Josh Mann, CEO of Aware Digital, a leading security integrator based out of Florida. “Customers invariably want the highest level of protection for their video data, but are often unable to justify the cost or complexity of dedicated servers and storage. Pivot3 is perfect for the mainstream user who wants more platform protection without any additional hassle.”

Pivot3 Inc.