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PC Dynamics Offers Free USB Encryption Software

OAK PARK, Calif. -- PC Dynamics, Inc., is pleased to announce the public preview release of SafeHouse Explorer, the newest member of its award-winning SafeHouse family of PC privacy and encryption products.

SafeHouse Explorer

SafeHouse Explorer is free encryption software designed for USB memory sticks. Keeping files safe and secure is now easier than ever using SafeHouse Explorer's simple drag and drop user interface. "It's a lot like Windows Explorer with three extra buttons," said Peter Avritch, president of PC Dynamics and publisher of the privacy software. "The only difference being that SafeHouse Explorer uses passwords and strong encryption to protect your files."

Even more impressive than SafeHouse Explorer's sheer simplicity is that it can be run directly from memory sticks without needing to be installed. Copy the small 5MB program file to any memory stick and you'll always have instant access to all of your encrypted files. "Now your files are both portable and safe" claimed Avritch. "With SafeHouse Explorer, you'll be able to access your protected files from anywhere, any time, from any computer - just click."

PC Dynamics Inc.