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PassLogix's v-Go SSO


• Centralized control over authentication policies
• Graded authentication for better support of location based access


• No direct integration with Netegritys

v-Go SSO, $84.99 including v-Go AM; current v-Go SS0 users can purchase AM for $15 (single user). Passlogix, (866) 727-7564, (212) 825-9100.

Connecting to NWC Inc.'s Active Directory (AD) 2000 installation was a breeze. V-Go SSO works with many directories, including Novell's eDirectory, Sun's Java System Directory, LDAPv2- or LDAPv3-compliant servers, and many databases, including IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

To test v-Go AM, I selected "Authentication Manager" as my primary desktop logon method. The v-Go AM agent pulled information stored in AD to determine how I was allowed to log in based on administrator-configurable parameters, such as location and AD groups.

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