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Panda Releases VPN Security Tool

Panda Software has announced a new application which ensures that remote systems connecting to a company network over a virtual private network (VPN) comply with established security policies.

VPNSecure is a 'scan and block' solution; it proactively scans systems connecting to the network over a VPN for malware and vulnerabilities that could compromise security, and shuts out non-compliant systems. The application is also designed to detect and block "split tunneling" in IPSec connections, in which a system connecting to the VPN maintains a simultaneous connection to the Internet that can be a back door for hackers and malware.

The application includes a memory scanning feature that scours the connecting system's memory for malicious processes like worms, viruses and keyloggers. VPNSecure automatically downloads a component to systems connecting over a secure sockets layer (SSL) VPN to verify its security and scan for malware.

VPNSecure is designed to work with Check Point's VPN-1 Pro VPN solution. It is available at prices starting at $1,100 for a 12-month license.