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PacketLight Intros PL-400

TEL AVIV -- PacketLight Networks Ltd. a leading provider of Data and Storage Connectivity Solutions, announced today that it has released the PL-400, the first Connectivity Solution over Dark Fiber and WDM networks to provide 8 services supporting each up to 4.25Gbps in a 1U box. In addition, the PL-400 is the first solution to include Layer-2 performance monitors, regenerator functionality and protection in a solution of this size. The PL-400 optical transport solution supports data, storage, voice and video services at any mix.

The PL-400 is designed to offer a new level of cost efficiency and flexibility in network operation by incorporating many features previously only found in much larger solutions. This solution compresses the high level of functionality common to larger 3-6U solutions. The PL-400 integrated solution supports both CWDM and DWDM optical links. Furthermore, the PL-400 chassis can be cascaded to provide a scalable solution for 32 or more services. The PL-400, which is typically deployed as a CLE (Customer Located Equipment) in enterprise campus environments and central offices, is also environmentally friendly, with its low power consumption.

The PL-400 is the most advanced CWDM/DWDM connectivity solution of its size.” said Koby Reshef, PacketLight’s VP Marketing. “With 8 4G FC ports and Performance Monitors for GbE and FC it is a perfect solution for connecting SANs and LANs.We have seen a great level of interest by many partners in this product, for these as well as additional applications such as video transport”.

The PL-400 connectivity solution supports variety of services such as: GbE, 1G/2G/4G FC & FICON, ESCON, Fast Ethernet, STM-1/4/16 SDH or OC-3/12/48 SONET, Infiniband, video (DVB-ASI) and GPON in any mix. Two Optical Supervisory Channels (OSC) are provided for out-of-band management. The PL-400 contains built-in passive optical filters (multiplexers/demultiplexers) and two EDFA boosters, enabling point-to-point, linear add and drop and ring topologies in both transponder and regenerator modes. In addition it provides Performance Monitors for GbE and 1/2/4G Fibre Channel as well as facility and equipment protection. The PL-400 is ideal for connecting remote SAN and LAN islands with a capability of 8 interfaces of 4G FC over 80Km.

PacketLight Networks Ltd.