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Oscar's Debut

Hullo. Please allow me to introduce myself: I'm Oscar the Octopus, your newly appointed Byte and Switch mascot, fresh from the Sea of SAN and ready to start my intermittent Q&A column on this site.

Unlike my predecessor, the late Bob the Beaver (nothing against the poor rascal, of course), I don't spit wood. I am not hairy. I do not smell. And I don't live in New York City. In fact, I live underwater and have no fixed abode -- which, as someone on these boards has pointed out, gives me lots in common with the average storage startup.

More curricula vitae: I have eight legs and a penchant for multitasking -- the easier to grapple with the multiprotocol world of storage networking, eh? At least, I prefer to look at it that way. Apparently, some think I'm doing more flailing than waving these days.

Figure 1:

Oscar, Octopus

Be that as it may, I have my views. In fact, I'm full of salt and vinegar, and I like to spew ink. So watch out if you think I'm a squishy pushover!

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