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OnStor Surveys Green Data Centers

CAMPBELL, Calif. -- ONStor, Inc., the leading provider of scalable clustered NAS solutions for the enterprise, today announced results from an independent survey of 369 IT decision makers regarding the status of the "greening" of their data centers. Sixty-three percent of the respondents reported that their data center had run out of space, power or cooling capacity without warning. Another alarming statistic was that although the power consumption of an enterprise's data center is massive, 40 percent of respondents have not discussed a green initiative within their company; 60 percent reported that they had a green initiative in place, would have one in place in the next two years, or had at least talked about it with management.

"We know from conversations with our customers that data center power consumption amidst the exorbitant growth of data is a key concern for CIOs and other IT professionals," said Bob Miller, ONStor CEO. "What we find most interesting from this survey is how many executives aren't implementing solutions to address these challenges. There's a disconnect between having an awareness of the need to lower power consumption in the data center and doing something about it. At ONStor, we're committed to help our customers change that by offering highly scalable, energy-efficient solutions that offer tremendous ROI of 50 to 90 percent cost savings over traditional file storage solutions."

Other significant results from the survey:

  • At their current data growth rate, 43 percent of respondents
    could stay in their current infrastructure for only six months
    to one year if they changed nothing
  • 24 percent reported that the cost and time of building another
    data center is the most serious issue driving the reduction of
    data infrastructure power consumption
  • Nearly 40 percent would go green if doing so resulted in 20-50
    percent cost savings
  • More than one third would go green for 10-20 percent cost
  • Half of respondents favor service-level agreements (SLAs) and
    chargebacks to IT disciplines for power and capacity
    consumption, but only half of them either have implemented these
    policies or know they will be doing so
  • 11 percent report interest in creating a chief energy officer
    position in their organization

"We are seeing power and cooling consumptions becoming a priority in the data center," said Tony Asaro, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group.
"There are a number of storage technologies we've identified that help to address these issues. ONStor supports two important ones including thin provisioning and intelligent tiering. Additionally, they are a great platform to drive file server consolidation, which is a key enabler for reducing power and cooling consumption."

ONStor Inc.