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OnPath Explores Data Center Myths

LUMBERTON, N.J. -- OnPATH Technologies, a provider of leading automated connectivity solutions that enable a virtual infrastructure layer (VIL), utilized 20 years of experience solving complex data center physical layer challenges to compile a list of infrastructure insights that highlight common industry misconceptions about the physical layer.

The top five myths about the physical layer of data centers include:

  • Myth #1: The physical layer of a data center is static and as a result, problem-free.
  • Reality: The physical layer is stressed every time new equipment is introduced, old equipment is removed, or existing equipment and cables are moved at a data center. Tangled and fragile cables, plugs and wiring can physically limit your ability to scale and consolidate and most are not monitored for health and usage. Up to 70% of network downtime can be attributed to cabling problems.1
  • Myth #2: Most data center infrastructure issues are easily solved in the upper network layers or through virtualization of the endpoint devices.
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