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Okay. Remember I left that

Okay. Remember I left that DTS transfer running on Friday?
I walked in to find it had gotten to -ready for this?- 324000 records processed. 60 hours and not even half finished??? Argh! So I stopped it and deleted the records from DB2. I used DTS to export to a text file - very fast - and then shut down SQL Server. Then I started DB2 Control Center and started to load the files.
It isn't going any faster. I guess we know who the culprit is now, don't we?

In other not-so-exciting news I set up LoadSim on one of the white box servers and got it running against our Exchange server to simulate people working. I have no idea what they're doing, but they are doing it quite often.

The strange orange light is still on and Steve is waiting to hear from Dell about that little issue. We plan on actually racking boxes tomorrow (except for the one I just know will still be importing data into DB2. We're also expecting that software yet (nervous tic, nervous tic) and additional hardware to arrive in the next day or two.
I also took time out to VLAN off a GB port on our lab's Catalyst 6k so we could actually get out of the building and download tools/software/etc... Unfortunately, MS DNS is not cooperating and I can't get it to return any address but ones on the local subnet. I'll be working on that tomorrow as well, I suppose.