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Okay, remember that DB2 import

Okay, remember that DB2 import I started yesterday? (Are you sensing a pattern, too?)
I'm beginning to believe that though I may be paranoid, they really are out to get me because it's still running like some ill-intentioned energizer bunny import.
DNS is working for both internal and external addresses. Ron forwarded a MS KB article on a "quirk" of MS DNS that occurs when you configure DNS without network connectivity. You need to delete the "." zone. Which I did. Which broke DNS. For some reason it deleted all the PTR records at the same time. After re-entering them, WHAM! DNS works.

Today was mainly a rack day. After getting the software working we powered down everything and then moved all the racks into place, then started racking servers. The APC units are really sweet and I'm happy to say it's still