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Novell, Voltaire Partner

NEW YORK -- Voltaire, a provider of grid backbone solutions, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Novell to offer a joint low latency solution to improve performance of real-time trading applications in the financial markets. The combined solution reduces latency bottlenecks on both the operating system level and the data center fabric to offer a low latency solution. In addition, the solution is coupled with a support package that provides comprehensive support for both the operating system and InfiniBand capabilities allowing customers to take advantage of improved performance and the highest levels of availability.

The solution addresses one of financial services firms' key information technology challenges: achieving lower latency for market data and trading applications. Competitive advantage in the financial services industry is dictated by the ability to process as many messages per second as possible and at the lowest latency.

"We are very pleased to be partnering with Novell to serve the needs of the financial services community," said Patrick Guay, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Voltaire. "By reducing latency at both the server processing level and in the server I/O and fabric, financial services firms can accelerate performance of their critical real-time trading applications and improve the bottom line."

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