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Norman Network Protection Offers Faster Antimalware Solution For Corporate & Manufacturing Networks

FAIRFAX, Va., April 22. Norman Data Defense Systems announced today the release of Norman Network Protection (NNP) version 3.7, an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use antimalware gateway which can be implemented at the periphery, or placed between network nodes to block insider threats. NNP delivers proactive, real-time protection for today's corporate networks and manufacturing environments and eliminates threats without affecting workforce productivity.

Scalable Norman Network Protection uses leading malware detection and analysis technology to provide a real-time, front-end protection solution for the entire LAN and production environment. Multiple protocols are scanned to stop malicious programs, keeping the network clean and allowing safe traffic to pass through quickly and efficiently. NNP combines signature-based security with innovative Norman SandBox and DNA Matching technology to proactively stop malware.

Norman Network Protection now includes Norman Endpoint Manager, a security operations center, which supports an unlimited number of appliances in the network. Additionally, enhancements in protocol support enable filtering of BitTorrent, the global standard for delivering files over the Internet and MSN messenger. NNP runs on Linux to maximize throughput and availability and is available as a software solution or as an antimalware appliance, based on Dell OEM servers.

NNP delivers centralized protection for all units in a network and provides protection against potential security risks, whether resident in the network or introduced by an external source. By placing NNP between the Internet and the local network -- and between critical LAN segments -- every computer is protected, and malware being downloaded is stopped before it reaches its destination. While traditional malware appliances focus on stopping threats only at the gateway, increasingly threats are being introduced by internal mobile devices, such as laptop PCs and USB devices connected innocently to LAN segments.

In addition to being independent of network topology and transparent to other network entities, NNP uses powerful Norman SandBox and DNA Matching technology to detect new malware, examine multiple protocols for threats, and reduce latency by scanning incoming and outgoing traffic on the fly. Norman DNA Matching is a new proactive technology and method for identifying the viral profile of all kinds of malicious programs and works in combination with Norman's patented SandBox technology. The NNP Appliance supports Gigabit Ethernet capacity on multiple protocols and delivers high-performance inbound and outbound real-time scans of CIFS and SMB, Windows protocols and HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, RPC, TFTP and IRC.

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