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NewBay Launches Cloud Storage

BARCELONA, Spain -- NewBay, the leader in digital lifestyle solutions for operators, today announced the launch of LifeCache Digital Vault v2.0, a powerful content cloud solution for user generated and premium content. Digital Vault uniquely delivers a combination of safe and secure online storage, with the freedom to share and socialize content. With Digital Vault, users can easily backup and restore digital content from multiple devices in a personal online space. Additionally, users can share their content via any Internet connected device. As a chargeable service Digital Vault directly increases ARPU and gives operators a deeper connection with subscribers digital lives.

By marrying the latest Web 2.0 developments with powerful user generated content (UGC) capabilities and telco design principles, Digital Vault delivers the most user-centric backup, restore and share features available on the market. Digital Vault can be configured and maintained as a ‘Digital Safe’ and/or ‘Digital Drive’ solution to meet diverse user requirements.

Subscribers can enjoy the powerful backup and secure storage of their content in a virtual, operator-branded ‘Digital Safe’. Once placed in these highly secure repositories, content can be easily managed and restored. With ‘Digital Safe’, precious files such as documents, family photos or favorite movies can never be irretrievably lost.

For users who want to access their content anytime, from anywhere and to share it with a wider community, Digital Vault also provides a ‘Digital Drive’ located in the operator cloud. Once content is dropped into this repository, it can be effortlessly retrieved, shared and edited on-the-go.

"Mobile Service Providers continue to explore new ways to deliver value to their customer base,” said Richard Murphy, Wireless Analyst, IDC. “Operators are positioned to take full advantage of the cloud opportunity by deploying robust, long-term content storage solutions, such as LifeCache Digital Vault, that will enable them to build stronger relationships with their subscribers.”

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