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New Wave of CDP Rolls In

A year after major software backup vendors deemed continuous data protection (CDP) ready for primetime, we're seeing a second wave of CDP products from large and small players.

Whether they're adding new capabilities or making CDP work better, vendors are hoping to find customers more receptive to the technology.

Mendocino Software next week will launch InfiniView, its second-generation CDP application that Hewlett-Packard sells under its Continuous Information Capture (CIC) brand through an OEM deal. (See HP Launches ILM Blitz and HP Picks Mendocino .)

InfiniView is built on Mendocino's previous RecoveryOne application. But along with letting organizations roll back to any point in time to retrieve data in case of failures, the new product makes it easier for them to view files and applications for other purposes.

For instance, companies can view application binaries of production data to perform patch validation before releasing patches into production. Or software teams can develop and test their code against views of production data.

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