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New Enterprise Backup: Proceed With Caution

First, the good news: A slew of new systems from more than 11 different vendors allow enterprises to bust backup delays while keeping their tape libraries in place. It's a new layer of technology, one that promises to streamline the growing burden of securing enterprise data.

Now the downside: Unless storage managers do their homework before buying, these new disk backup systems could complicate life unpleasantly.

According to this month's Byte and Switch Insider report Enterprise Disk Backup: Getting It All Together – the problem is that new systems that purport to solve enterprise backup bottlenecks are so varied in their features and functions that customers need to look long and hard to find the product that's best for them.

Some support mainframes, others open systems, others both. Some work with only one vendor's tape libraries; others support general tape and disk formats. Some work with only certain software packages. And so forth.

Bottom line? Managers need to be sure that what they're buying fits their particular requirements, or they could be exchanging one set of problems for another.

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