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NetworkStreaming's SupportDesk 9

Remote control support options abound. Most are offered as hosted services that offer the convenience of quick setup and low maintenance. Others are available as one-to-one direct connections that typically require applications to be pre-installed on remote computers prior to being connected. NetworkStreaming's SupportDesk 9 offers a different option: a hardware appliance and requires no pre-installed applications on the client PCs.

The option to install SupportDesk 9 as a rack-mounted unit behind the corporate firewall may be appealing to companies facing monthly ASP bills that continue to increase as more users and sessions are added. SupportDesk 9 installs in about 30 minutes by simply connecting it to your internal network and power, then configuring it to meet your needs. The initial price of $3,690 includes a license for one support rep. Additional concurrent licenses are available at $1,695 each.

Licensing by concurrent support persons allows unlimited concurrent client sessions. A single support rep can typically handle multiple clients at a time using the support rep application that displays the rep's current sessions, requests in queue, and any other representatives that might be online.

Locating the appliance behind the corporate firewall makes it ideal for providing secure connections to support for internal client PCs. It can also just as easily support external clients using standard TCP/IP ports 80 and 443.

The test drive

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