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NetApp Extends SnapManager

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- NetApp (NASDAQ:NTAP) today announced enhanced capabilities to its SnapManager for Oracle® software that further simplify the backup and recovery process for Oracle Database 11g™ environments running on NetApp® enterprise storage systems. SnapManager for Oracle is now tightly integrated with Oracle Database 11g, supporting Direct NFS and new functionality in Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) technology. SnapManager for Oracle can identify where Oracle ASM files are mapped, enabling database administrators (DBAs) to back up, restore, and clone database files that are presented in Oracle ASM disk groups. This functionality helps DBAs minimize database maintenance time, reduce human error, and improve automation. Additionally, NetApp SnapManager for Oracle enables higher levels of data protection with additional capabilities for backing up and restoring Snapshot™ copies to NetApp secondary storage.

Customers can now leverage SnapManager to streamline the backup, restore, and cloning of Oracle Databases running on 11g and Microsoft® Windows® platforms, resulting in improved productivity, increased interoperability, and maximized data availability.

“SnapManager for Oracle enables a paradigm shift in the way customers back up and recover Oracle Databases,” said Ari Kaplan, senior database consultant at Datalink Corporation. “Without SnapManager for Oracle, a single database backup can typically take 4 hours and recoveries 20 hours. SnapManager for Oracle allows our customers to leverage the benefits of backup, recovery, and cloning in minutes.”

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