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NeoPath Opens Up

Startup NeoPath Networks has disclosed details of its clandestine NAS development in advance of Monday's product launch.

The announcement follows almost a year of speculation and hype surrounding the product, though whether it significantly differs from a wave of similar up-and-coming products still remains unclear (see NeoPath Nabs $12M).

The product, NeoPath File Director, is a LAN-based appliance that virtualizes file-based data storage. What that means, says Bob Nusbaum, director of product management, is that rather than incorporating its own file system, File Director acts as kind of superdirectory that pools all the information from multiple directories, then manages access to files residing on multiple storage devices, including NAS and DAS.

At the same time, Nusbaum says File Director retains full awareness of the individual backend storage associated with each directory, so users can add or subtract storage easily from one system to another. "File Director sits on the LAN logically between clients and storage," he says. "It then presents virtual shares [of storage] to clients."

Enterprises can use File Director to increase and adjust shared storage capacity more easily than with traditional NAS devices, which typically operate in isolation from each other and don't scale well, according to Nusbaum.

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