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nCipher Launches Encryption Suite

nCipher Tuesday unveiled a suite of data encryption tools, all controlled from a central console, capable of encrypting data at the database, file, and application levels.

Dubbed KeepSecure, the enterprise-aimed suite includes adapters to encrypt specific fields within a relational database -- such as those carrying credit card or Social Security numbers -- others to aid in encrypting data within high-level business applications such as Oracle's E-Business Suite, and yet others that integrate with the operating system to encrypt and decrypt specific files and folders.

The suite's modular and adapter-centric approach to encryption, said nCipher, lets corporations protect data at the most crucial points of vulnerability without burdening the entire organization with the chore.

"Within the past year the mounting public pressure for companies to secure personal data and the corresponding increase in data protection regulation have forced organizations to re-evaluate the way data is handled," said Jon Oltsik, an analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group, in a statement. "Our research shows that many more are deploying encryption as a protection mechanism."

KeepSecure is available immediately.