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Mosso Enhances Control Panel

SAN ANTONIO -- Rackspace Hosting’s cloud division Mosso®, today announced a new Mosso control panel and a new provisioning system for its flagship product, The Hosting Cloud™. The combined enhancements create a platform for Mosso to increase cloud service capabilities and scalability.

The new Mosso Control Panel simplifies and speeds management of the applications, websites, databases and email accounts a customer has deployed across The Hosting Cloud. Developed in-house, the Mosso control panel gives users the familiar look and feel of a modern desktop application, including fast interaction, real-time messages, and contextual feedback.

Mosso’s new more flexible provisioning system increases performance, speed and functionality. The time it takes to provision a typical new service on The Hosting Cloud has been reduced from five minutes to well under a minute. And, built using Apache ServiceMix, the platform provides a robust, scalable integration point for both existing and new services.

“Plugging proprietary and third party cloud services into the new platform will be relatively easy,” states Lew Moorman, Senior VP of Corporate Strategy at Rackspace. “The platform was designed with that in mind so that our cloud division can frequently deliver new capabilities to users.”

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