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Moonwalk Enters US

MILTON, Australia -- Moonwalk Inc., the Australian developer of all-inclusive data management and protection software, today made its U.S. debut with the introduction of its new Moonwalk 6.0 software suite. Now available for the first time to the U.S. market, Moonwalk software automates and proactively manages the migration, copying and movement of data transparently throughout the enterprise.

Moonwalk software combines user-defined classification and migration policies for data management with metadata-level precision for all information on network storage, servers and clients. Developed to manage the movement of data between primary storage and lower-cost devices, Moonwalk solutions also provide data classification and intelligent management of all enterprise files irregardless of file type across all major file systems, including Windows, Unix, Linux and Netware environments.

Beyond HSM

Moonwalk 6.0 migrates, copies and moves data according to user-defined rules and policies based on criteria such as age, size, file type, file name, file creator and many more granular classification rules. Moonwalk dispenses with tiered or hierarchical storage approaches and SRM applications that merely provide visibility into storage usage. It is not intended to displace enterprise backup and recovery software, and is compatible with every leading backup solution. With Moonwalk, applying even one simple rule of moving all files one year or older onto secondary storage can typically result in an immediate halving in primary storage. A more tightly managed structure, consisting of a combination of common rules, and/or very precise rules relating to specific user attributes delivers significantly higher capacity savings in the order of 70 to 90 percent.

Major customer benefits of Moonwalk 6.0 include:

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