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Mirapoint to Bundle SAN/Email Solution

The worlds of storage and email are becoming entwined as users attempt to tackle the double-whammy of email growth and compliance pressures.

Today, for instance, messaging specialist Mirapoint announced a partnership with NetApp to sell the storage vendor's SAN technology with its own Message Server device. (See Mirapoint, NetApp Integrate and Mirapoint Announces Customers.)

Mirapoint's bundle includes a Message Server device, which is essentially a mail server, and a NetApp FAS 270C or FAS 320C. Pricing for the package, which is available now, starts at around $49,000 for a Mirapoint M5000 Message Server and a NetApp FAS 270C.

According to Bethany Mayer, Mirapoint's chief marketing officer, NetApp's SAN boxes have been tweaked to cope with a massive influx of emails. "Because email comes through at a rapid rate, it's making sure that the storage device can take these emails immediately and store them," she tells Byte & Switch.

Email storage is a "different beast" to traditional document storage, explains the exec. "It's very high transaction rates and very small data bytes versus lower transaction rates and larger amounts of storage for documents."

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