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Mimosa Opens Up NearPoint

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Mimosa Systems, a leader in live content archiving solutions, today unveiled a comprehensive software developer kit (SDK) for its award-winning Mimosa NearPoint platform. For hundreds of customers around the world, NearPoint addresses critical requirements for content archiving, eDiscovery, content monitoring, regulatory compliance, business continuity, and storage optimization in an easy-to-use, unified solution. The SDK, which is free and open, allows customers, partners and developers to extend NearPoint’s capabilities to a broader set of content sources available for archiving such as content stored on backup tapes, and access archived content from other enterprise applications such as eDiscovery, records management, security management, traditional customer relationship management and business intelligence solutions.

The SDK contains a set of comprehensive APIs and sample applications that allow partners to utilize and/or augment the NearPoint platform in a variety of ways that drive business value for customers. The SDK will support several key workloads for third-party developers including:

  • Insertion of content into the NearPoint platform and onto one of the many available storage tiers within the archive
  • Seamlessly discover and view archived content leveraging the full expressiveness of the NearPoint search index
  • Increase or decrease retention periods and modify metadata in-place, without re-archiving
  • Perform and manage litigation holds on archived content
  • Transform and export content from the NearPoint archive into partner repositories

In addition to the SDK, Mimosa is proud to announce the Mimosa Developer Network (MDN) – a program that will expedite development of solutions for partner developers who want to extend their applications with archived content. Key benefits include:

  • No-cost license to Mimosa NearPoint software and technical documentation for developers
  • Access to technical support and product teams to accelerate time to market for their solutions
  • Discounts on implementation and configuration training
  • Leverage Mimosa testing environment to certify integrated solutions
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