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Microsoft To Re-Patch June Patch

Microsoft announced Tuesday that it will re-issue one of the 12 security updates unveiled last week after the fix broke direct dial-up for some users.

Late last week, users reported problems with dial-up after installing the MS06-025 critical patch for Windows' Routing and Remote Access (RRA) service. Microsoft immediately opened a case file for the bug.

Tuesday, the Redmond, Wash. developer posted a new document to its support site that outlined the issue.

"This is an older technology that is rarely used by modern dial-up connections," the Microsoft support note read. "If dial-up scripting is used in a connection, the connection may stop responding. This behavior does not affect any dial-up connections that do not use dial-up scripting."

Microsoft said it was working on a revised update, but that in the meantime companies that needed dial-up scripting should swear off installing MS06-025. As is its practice, Microsoft didn't set a deadline for pushing out a re-patched patch.

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