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MGE Releases Software

COSTA MESA, Calif. -- In continuing efforts to
provide the most robust and innovative network-based power management
software, MGE UPS SYSTEMS ( -- a world-class technology
leader in providing unsurpassed power protection solutions for PCs,
networks, data centers, telecommunications, medical and industrial
operations -- announced the availability of the latest version of its
Network Shutdown Module
(NSM) v3.1 software. This robust power management software will appeal to
the most demanding data center IT managers that face the daily challenge of
managing virtual servers, blade servers and N+X power redundancy levels, be
it on the server or the UPS side. This new version features a new
user-friendly, web-based interface and is compatible with a host of
Operating Systems including Vista, Windows Server 2003 Standard x64 Edition
and Xeon 64 or Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Novell, Redhat, Mandriva,
Debian, VMware ESX). This highly scalable power management software is a
perfect match for multiple-OS environments typical of modern data centers.

Beyond the wide operating system coverage, MGE addresses the specific needs
of high-density environments with a few industry firsts: Server
virtualization compatibility with the possibility to trigger a graceful
shutdown of VMware ESX & Guest OS; IBM Blade Center compatibility for faster
installation and management; NAS support with Windows Server 2003 Appliance
Edition compatibility; 64-Bit compatibility for Windows Server 2003 Standard
x64 Edition on Xeon 64.

MGE UPS Systems