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Mellanox First with 40-Gig InfiniBand Adapter

Mellanox has become the first supplier to offer 40 Gbit/s InfiniBand adapters in anticipation of what the company claims is an emerging market for faster InfiniBand interconnects in large data centers.

"Customers are benchmarking these adapters today," claims Thad Omura, VP of product marketing at Mellanox. Once the adapters are proven to work with various cable types and two-node clusters, he says OEMs will start to look for 40 Gbit/s switches, which Mellanox plans to offer in the second half of this year.

Mellanox publicly demonstrated the adapters at tradeshows last year, with a cabling solution from partner Luxtera. Today's announcement is about Mellanox shipping the dual-port ConnectX IB 40 Gbit/s (QDR) InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter (HCA). Pricing will be at a 30 percent to 40 percent premium over the $350 or so the vendor presently charges for a DDR (20 Gbit/s) InfiniBand adapter.

Mellanox claims its new HCAs support up to 6,500 Mbyte/s throughput in bidirectional mode. Each conforms to the PCIe Gen2 form factor and comes with InfiniBand or QSFP connectors.

Potential customers include OEMs of data center gear who are eyeing the use of faster InfiniBand as a high-performance computing interconnect. "HPC, the high end of enterprise clustering, financial applications -- that is where you'll see initial demand," Omura says.

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