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Managing Your Web Services

Along these lines, protocol support is needed if you work with a variety of consumers. You can let distributors and partners that may not be ready to deploy Web services submit data over HTTP/S, FTP or SMTP, and maintain a single interface within your data center. Transformation plus protocol support gives you a mechanism for extending the accessibility of your services without investing additional development time to implement support for such protocols.

Into the Lab

Web Services Management Features

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With these must-haves in mind, we invited AmberPoint, Actional Corp., Computer Associates, Digital Evolution, Flamenco Networks, Infravio, Itellix and Oblix (which recently acquired Confluent Software) to send their Web services management products to battle it out for the right to manage Web services at NWC Inc., our 24/7 production environment and applications testing lab in Green Bay, Wis. (For more on NWC Inc., see

AmberPoint bowed out, saying a forthcoming release of its product would make a review of its current offering irrelevant. Flamenco Networks submitted its product, but after much trial and tribulation we were unable to get it working. Flamenco's dual-proxy-based architecture is, well, unique, to say the least. We could use the management console to define proxies. We could deploy the proxies. We could not keep the proxies running. After ruling out hardware as a cause for the crashes and working with Flamenco for a week to resolve the problem, we pulled the product from the review.

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