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The real solution begins inside each individual's mailbox. If someone wants to send you a message, they should send you an approval request first. In Lotus Notes, you can create a rule that will find the words "approval request" in a subject line and move the messages to a folder called Requests. You can then sort through the requests and approve them. A script should then add the addresses to your approved list and inform the senders that their messages have been approved.

The next time an approved party sends you an e-mail, the message should be placed in your "trusted" inbox automatically. If an e-mail arrives that isn't from an approved recipient or does not contain "approval request" in the subject line, it should be deleted.

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Vector Networks rebranded its PC-Duo Remote Control product to PC-Duo Enterprise Remote Control during the course of our "Remote Possibilities" comparative review (Oct. 10, 2002). In that review, we misstated license fees for the product. A single-user license for PC-Duo Enterprise Remote Control is $97.50, or $34,500 for a 1,000-user environment. Furthermore, while PC-Duo incorporates remote-control features licensed from NetSupport, it additionally provides a full-featured inventory of more than 600 configurations. For more details, visit

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