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Legal Disputes About Storage Set Example

Microsoft and Symantec have settled a fractious patent dispute over storage technology, while Sun has volleyed another motion at NetApp.

As reported in fellow Techweb publication InformationWeek, Microsoft and Symantec yesterday announced an out-of-court settlement of an accusation duel involving storage technology Microsoft licensed from Veritas before that vendor's acquisition by Symantec in 2005.

The lawsuits started in May 2006, when Symantec accused Microsoft of "misappropriating" Symantec's VolumeManager technology and using it in Vista. Microsoft countered that Veritas hadn't sustained its end of the bargain with Microsoft and accused Symantec of grand-standing.

But the two companies buried the hatchet this week, settling the dispute on unspecified terms.

Might NetApp and Sun follow suit in their rancorous, high-profile patent suit?

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