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Lasso Joins CDP Roundup

With continuous data protection (CDP) still emerging and evolving in the enterprise, along comes a startup promising to deliver CDP to SMBs.

San Francisco-based Lasso Logic is getting ready to come out of stealth next month with LassoCDP, an appliance that will allow small businesses to back up their data to remote sites (see Backup Company Loses Data).

This raises two questions: Does the world really need another CDP vendor, and is CDP a bit of overkill for small businesses?

Lasso Logic CEO Steve Goodman answers yes and no, respectively. Goodman says he got the idea for his product when he tried in vain to find adequate backup for his own small business, a non-profit company called Jefferson Medical that sells diabetic medical supplies.

Backup products weren’t solving our pain,” he says. “Tape was reliable, but I always had an issue when I tried to recover. HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act] issues came back to bite us when we had an audit from Medicare. HIPAA required us to take our data offsite, but I didn’t want to pay Iron Mountain or another service.”

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