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Kanwar J.S. Chadha, Entrada Networks: Page 7 of 8

Sharam Hakimi, our new VP of hardware systems development, is working very closely with Nirmal Singh, our VP of software engineering, to design some quite innovative approaches to transporting SAN over light. Raj Ganti, our new VP of product management, is helping substantially with laying out the feature and performance expectations of this next-generation product line to ensure that we fulfill, better than anyone else, this existing, unmet business need.

David Patterson, our new CFO, will lead the continued capitalization efforts of the company, which, as you know, never end. I’ve been heavily involved in that myself, but I am first and foremost a technologist so I am delighted to have David on board.

Byte and Switch: What is your view on the looming protocol war between FC, iSCSI, Infiniband, and so forth? What role do you see the carriers and service providers playing in that battle?

Chadha: Is it really a looming war, or are the media and investment communities playing a large part in positioning it as a war? Each of these technologies has particular advantages in certain situations, depending on the application being deployed and the enterprise’s budget. This industry’s history, albeit relatively short, has shown a trend toward development and redevelopment, in terms of interconnects and architectures, and it is for this reason that we positioned ourselves to remain active, no matter where the market moves or which protocol wins out in the short term, because new technologies will always be right around the corner to shake things up.

The carriers find themselves in a very precarious position today due to prior capital expenditures coupled with quantum shifts in technology deployment. However, they are firmly entrenched virtually everywhere data exists, and if they can figure out how to mitigate their debts and jump efficiently into the services market they could be a significant factor in the market adoption rates of storage networking. That is precisely why we are seeing the advent of service providers, especially the SSPs, which will likely occupy a very rich market space in the not too distant future.