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Kanwar J.S. Chadha, Entrada Networks: Page 6 of 8

Chadha: I think many investors see a very positive upside for the fundamentals of the industry as a whole. Again, I would refer you to the potential for volume and revenue growth. Storage networking is an enabling technology that allows users to make much, much more of something they have today, and which is also growing phenomenally. And that is a fact. Email and Websites are not going away. ERP, CRM, all these great enterprise applications are not going away. The data deluge is just beginning. All this data needs to be stored – and made available anywhere, anytime. That creates huge opportunity for companies that have a vision and the ability to execute. I believe this growth potential is what has attracted the attention of Wall Street to this industry.

Byte and Switch: You’ve recently added a couple of new executives to your staff. Are you targeting new markets, or are you simply broadening your base of executive talent?

Chadha: We are broadening our base of executive talent. We have a wonderful team and had planned all along to staff these technology positions when we found the very best people. Entrada has a very team-oriented and fast-moving culture. Sometimes we search for a while to find the right people who can hit the ground running.

Byte and Switch: How will these new additions and the appointment of David Patterson as chief financial officer add to your capabilities?

Chadha: Our first product, the Silverline 222, represents a truly unique approach to IP-based SAN connectivity through its protocol-rich architecture. But even more exciting is what’s coming with optical data transport, what we call “SAN over light,” which is Entrada’s next big move.